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Aug 11, 2021

After last episode's cohesive and sumptuous Mandalore Arc, today's follow up was going to have a high bar to clear. And, unfortunately, all three of today's episodes come up short. That's not to say there's nothing of note here: the opening "Senate Murders" gives us some back room politicking and a little extra insight into senatorial processes, but it raises more questions than it answers. The other two episodes of the bunch have their charms too--especially if you're a sucker for tense submarine duels or stylized bounty hunter designs. But all in all, it's just as Rob says in today's intro: They cannot all be winners. Thankfully, that won't stop us from having our own brand of incredibly punchy fun with what they offer us anyway.

NEXT TIME: Episodes 40 & 41 ( "The Zillo Beast" & "The Zillo Beast Strikes Back")

Show Notes

Fallen Clones: None???
Fallen Senators: Onaconda Farr, Mee Deechi
Fallen Bounty Hunters: Rumi Paramita
Fallen Cool As Hell Separatist Officers: No one, because we believe Trench lived somehow.

Tera Sinube vs Tan Divo Epic Rap Battle (Oh my god, I'm just realizing that this is just clips edited over a Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso battle oh no.)


Hosted by Rob Zacny (@RobZacny)

Featuring Alicia Acampora (@ali_west), Austin Walker (@austin_walker), and Natalie Watson (@nataliewatson)

Produced by Austin Walker

Music by Jack de Quidt (@notquitereal)

Cover art by Xeecee (@xeeceevevo)