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Oct 20, 2021

Sometimes on this show, we (Natalie especially) will talk about the "morsels" of world building that are delivered to us. Deep inside an episode about an evil Hutt lord or a lost lightsaber, maybe there's a brief mention of some aspect of the socio-political reality of the Star Wars world. And, things being what they are, we have found ourselves content with these morsels. But today? Today we feast. Neither of these episodes is a stone cold classic, don't get us wrong. But both shine lights into the realities of the Trade Federation, the Separatist movement, and the entropic nature of the Republic's internal situation. So, do you like blockades? Are you hungry for embargoes? You wanna hear a bureaucrat spin a tale of broken neutrality so outlandish that it'll make your head spin? Then buckle up, baby, because it's time for a war in the shipping lanes.

Show Notes

Fallen Clones: Keeli

Fallen Jedi: Ima-Gun Di (*groan*)

Dinner in the Sky

Greedo Attacks First - Episode 1 Deleted Scene