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Dec 7, 2022

As promised, the Autumn of Andor continues! Today, we've got the first of three guest-filled episodes coming to you this December. We are joined by Adam Serwer, author of The Cruelty Is the Point: The Past, Present, and Future of Trump's America, staff writer at The Atlantic, and life long Star Wars fan.

We share and contextualize our final feelings on Andor, explore the tensions and consonances between the Lucas, Filoni, and Gilroy visions of the franchise, and (if you are very patient) try to unravel whatever the hell was up with that Karn/Mosk hat swap.

NEXT TIME: TBD, but expect us to either pick up either our headphones or our character sheets.

Show Notes

"Star Wars Gets Political" by Adam Serwer

"Tony Gilroy, forgive me for this post" - BB-8 on Andor & the Hero's Journey 

Brasso's Actor posting Killing in the Name

The Great Game, the Atlantic's World Cup Newsletter

Finally, an important communique from the inimitable poet, sociologist, and comic book author Eve Ewing, as hand delivered by Adam Serwer:

p.s. Eve, you are ABSOLUTELY welcome to come thru!