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May 10, 2023

We did it! We made it through the Clone Wars Legacy materials, past Solo (for some reason), and into the heart of the show that is going to take over our lives for the next year plus—or at least until Andor season 2 starts. Today we kick off Star Wars: Rebels, meeting the crew in a series of four, hijinks-laden shorts and then moving on to the two part intro that sets Ezra Bridger on a journey to... well, that's the thing, we have no idea where his journey will take him! Isn't that exciting? 

Please let folks know that this might be a good point to hop on board the AMCA train, get yourselves ready for the bevy of upcoming Star Wars material that is seemingly picking up where Rebels leaves off.

Also, give special thanks to Ricardo Contreras, who handled the edit for this episode, and will hopefully be sticking with production duties going forward! They absolutely crushed it!

Next Time: Star Wars Rebels 03-05 ("Droids in Distress," "Fighter Flight," and "The Old Masters")

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Show Notes

Breakdown of how we're tackling the season:

1: Shorts + Spark of the Resistance 
2: Droids in Distress, Fighter Flight, Rise of the Old Masters
3: Breaking Ranks, Out of Darkness
4: Empire Day, Gathering Forces
5: Path of the Jedi, Idiot's Array, Vision of Hope
6: Call to Action, Rebel Resolve, Fire Across the Galaxy


Hosted by Rob Zacny (@RobZacny)

Featuring Alicia Acampora (@ali_west), Austin Walker (@austin_walker), and Natalie Watson (@nataliewatson)

Produced by Ricardo Contreras (@a_cado_appears)

Music by Jack de Quidt (@notquitereal)

Cover art by Xeecee (@xeeceevevo)