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Jan 13, 2021

"You'll have to do better than that, my darling." - Obi-Wan Kenobi

Finally, we have arrived to the Clone Wars. At least, sort of. Today, we tackle 2008's The Clone Wars, a prelude meant to introduce the audience to the then-upcoming TV series. Join us as we meet overeager Padawan Ahsoka Tano, ambitious Sith apprentice...

Jan 6, 2021

Later this month, the crew here at A More Civilized Age will be launching a humble Patreon, with a monthly Q&A podcast as a bonus to our supporters. But since that Patreon isn't up yet, and because wanted to give folks a taste of what's to come, we wanted to do a free bonus episode for y'all this week. So, enjoy,...

Dec 30, 2020

"We need a system where the politicians sit down and discuss the problem, agree what’s in the best interest of all the people, and then do it.”
“That’s exactly what we do. The trouble is that people don’t always agree.”
“Well then they should be be made to.”

The Phantom Menace  raised questions. Perhaps,...

Dec 23, 2020

"It's like poetry. They rhyme."

What ever happened to the glory days of the Galactic Republic? Did it all fall apart because of the masterful manipulations of a dark lord of the Sith? Or may there have been some cracks in the foundation already? 

Join Rob Zacny, Alicia Acampora, Natalie Watson, and Austin Walker as they...

Dec 19, 2020

Hey everyone! This is just a brief placeholder episode meant to seed the feed over on the various podcast services. Stay tuned for our first full ep on December 23rd!