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Aug 9, 2023

In case you haven't heard via our Patreon or various social feeds: AMCA is about to PIVOT. SAG-AFTRA recently released new guidelines for podcasters. Though Rebels is not a guild production, it is hosted on Disney+ and tied closely to the ongoing promotion of Ahsoka.

As such, we've been figuring out how to best continue the podcast without crossing the picket lines or promoting struck material, which we feel covering Rebels does.

To help us unpack some of the background of these strikes, we invited Adam Conover to come through this week. We dig into Hollywood labor history, the internal politics of the entertainment industry unions, and the ways that the modern influencer economy fit into all of this. It's a great conversation, and we get into some details we've never heard anywhere else. 

We also end the show by talking through... and potentially deciding... what comes next for A More Civilized Age