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Mar 28, 2023

Before we complete our journey out of the Clone Wars and into Rebels, we have a few final stops to make. First, we find out what ever happened to Darth Maul after the events of the Shadow Collective Arc. Then we get an absolute banger in the unfinished story reel version of The Crystal Crisis of Utapau, an arc too good to have been left in this state indefinitely. 

Just one more stop to go before we get to Rebels. Right? That's right, right? There's definitely no big, stupid curveball on its way to derail us from our goal? There's no way that we'll stumble into something else we just "absolutely" need to see before we get to Rebels, that is at deep odds with how we've gone about this project so far, right? We'd never do that. Never.

Next Time: Star Wars: Dark Disciple

Show Notes

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