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Feb 1, 2023

Today on AMCA, we're teeing up something special for those of you who love it when we go wild creating our own AUs and OCs! 

About six months ago, Ali and Austin of AMCA joined the rest of the cast of our sister podcast, Friends at the Table, to do a two day charity marathon raising money for the National Network of Abortion Funds. As part of that effort, we set a bunch of stretch goals, including the promise that we'd play a Star Wars TTRPG one shot over here on AMCA. 

Today we make good on that promise, thanks to Jess Levine, who has come through to help facilitate an Andor-era session of her game Going Rogue, which "weave[s] narratives about troubled martyrs mired in messy, ethically gray conflicts who must face the possibility of making the ultimate sacrifice." We use the system to tell the story of an unlikely band of rebels sent into the outer rim to... well, you'll see. 

Also! For the rest of the month, you can pick up Jess' Going Rogue 2E along with Riley Rethal's Galactic 2E (the game which Going Rogue most directly builds off of) in a special bundle for just 18 bucks

NEXT TIME (for real): Episodes 116 - 118 ("The Disappeared, Part I," "The Disappeared, Part II," "The Lost One")

Show Notes

Character Sheets and Play Materials!